Understanding Flutter and its Importance for Developer

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Understanding Flutter and its Importance for Developer

Understanding Flutter and its Strengths Flutter is a tool that lets us create a cross-platform application by native or what also known as native cross-platform using one programming language and codebase. Native cross-platform here doesn’t mean something like a web application that’s bundled by a native app, but building two different applications for iOS and Android then being able to distribute it to Apple App Store or Google Play Store

The good news in it is that we can do that using only one programming langue known as Dart and only with one codebase too, making developers only need to learn one programming languages as opposed to learning different languages for different platforms with Swift/Objective C for Apple or Java/Kotlin for Android as example.

Technically there are two components to Flutter, one is Flutter Framework which is a framework built from the programming language Dart that provides functions & UI Elements or what’s known as widget in Flutter.

The other one is Flutter SDK , a group of tools that’s used to develop or build an iOS or Android application. Now what is an SDK? SDK or what’s commonly called as Software Development Kit is a group of tools that is needed for a programmer or developer to create an application, whether it’s in the form of a game, OS, or others.

Reasons why Flutter is Important

1. Adaptability

This is one of the reasons that’s most talked about for Flutter: it can be used for Android or iOS. But how adaptive is it? Below is a same application but in a different platform with no changes made to the code. At a glance it looks similar, but

If one were to look closer, there are a couple differences such as the navigation button (look at top left corner and top right corner). This difference is how scroll works. Flutter will automatically change your app to be suitable for the operating system used. The application then will look as if it’s made for a certain operating system, allowing you as the developer to focus on other important tasks.

2. Built-in Stateful Hot Reload

Stateful hot reload is a feature where user’s codes can appear instantly on a virtual machine. User then will be able to see the changes made to the code live as it happens. This surely helps developer when changing aesthetics such as backgrounds.

3. Works for Website

Surely to be proficient at creating web application will be very useful considering 4.4 billion people is an active user of the Internet. Luckily all widgets that’s available in Flutter for mobile can also be used for creating a web application. Dart will be translated to HTML, CSS, and Canvas. Then through Dart2js Compiler it will be translated to JavaScript that the browser can read.

Flutter Strengths

    Fast Development,With Flutter we can develop Android and iOS application much faster because Flutter already has the widgets and class necessary to create an application.
   Expressive and Flexible UI, With Flutter we can build Android and iOS apps with a flexible UI. The widgets within Flutter supports material design for Android and iOS design respectively. Native Performance, the application made in Flutter will have the same performance with a native application that’s made in Android Studio or Xcode.

oncludes our short review about Flutter, it’s strengths, and the reason why we need to use Flutter. We hope that this article is beneficial the readers, and don’t forget to share it to your friends.