What is UI and UX Design, and What's the Difference?

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What is UI and UX Design, and What's the Difference?

The Difference Between UI and UX Design — In this modern era, almost every company uses digital as their marketing strategy and if you’re someone who has an interest in this world, then the term UI and UX shouldn’t sound unfamiliar. But, there are still a lot of people that’s confused of the difference between UI and UX.

When creating a website, there’s two important component that must be paid attention to, with user interface (UI) being one of them, and user experience (UX) being the other, but most still assumed that they’re one and the same. Now, what differentiate UI and UX?

What is UI (User Interface)

Currently there are a lot of competition happening with the advance of smartphones and their increasingly unique systems. UI design is helpful in developing your product further.

ui (user interface) is a display that will help users use each of our products in terms of colors, fonts, layouts, illustrations from all aspects. This will really help users to understand our products. For example, with a good layout, the user will find it easier to read our news in good colors. The user’s attention will focus more on the many UI components in helping to develop our products.

in making ui (user interface) each product has a different way, in marketing our products ui components are also very important for our products. thinking about the layout, fonts, and colors will help users to use our product.

What is UX (User Experience)

Generally, in any type of application the thing that’s being paid most attention to is how the application is used. Consumers like us will surely judge from their functionality and their look and something that’s easier to use will surely interest people more.

UX or user experience is connected more to the satisfaction of the user. UX needs to be developed and always experience development very quickly. This UX itself is the thing that will appeal the buyers. Depending on the satisfaction of the customers, the developer will continue to increase the quality of systems.

This is done so that a system is not just unique and attractive, but also have quality. A quality system is a system that can be used easily and have good control, and thus resulting in more people using it.

The Difference Between UI and UX

After understanding the definition of UI and UX, surely now we know what’s the difference. If one were to look closer to their definition, we can find a very striking difference, but one that still holds continuity to the other.

User interface is a system that’s more focused on the look of the interface on a system. This interface includes the theme that’s being used, where things are placed, and etc. UI is about the look of something, and if the UI looks good, people will be attracted to it.

Meanwhile UX or user experience is more about what the user needs. Looks are very important but no matter how beautiful something is, if it’s unpleasant to use, no one will use it.

After knowing the differences between them, now we know that both things should be applied when developing a system; an UI that’s elegant and beautiful should be met with a good UX too. Because they will be the thing that attracts customers to use system.