Zeplin, the Software for Collaboration Between Designer and Developer

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Zeplin, the Software for Collaboration Between Designer and Developer

Zeplin, a Software for Collaboration &mdash;&nbsp;</strong>As a front-end developer it&rsquo;s sometime very difficult to implement the design of an application that was provided by the designer because of how limited the information related to the assets are. Therefore, we will be introducing a tool called Zeplin that&rsquo;s used as a place for collaboration between front-end developer, and the web designer.</p>

What is Zeplin?

Zeplin is an application that was made as a bridge or medium between the web designer and the developer. As we all know designer team understand programming of their product, vice versa This is where Zeplin comes as a place to communicate between the two. Through the features in Zeplin, the web designer and developer no longer need to imagine what they want to express about the product&rsquo;s specifications.
Zeplin&rsquo;s Features
Summarized from Zeplin&rsquo;s official website, these are the features offered by Zeplin:

1. Interconnected with Other Design Softwares

If a product designer in your team are already used using another application to create a product, it won&rsquo;t be a problem: Zeplin offers integration with other applications for designing, such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Adobe Photoshop CC. This integration is done by installing Zeplin plugin for the applications listed above.

2.Code Snippets

The next feature is code snippets if a product designer entered a design. These codes have also been customized with what you&rsquo;re designing, too. These codes will be different depending on its platform, and if by chance the codes are wrong, the developer then can easily fix it.

3. Styleguide and Codebase
Does a software developer want to change the design by a little to make it easier to code? Zeplin offers an alternative solution to this problem. Anyone, including the developer can look at the styleguide from the team so that the change that&rsquo;s happening is still within its provisions. Developers can also easily access codebase. This makes it easier because they don&rsquo;t need to code from scratch, and instead can modify the existing codes in the codebase.

4.Capable to be Connected with Communication Software

This feature makes it possible for the collaborator (whether it be developer or designer) to communicate. Zeplin also offers integration with popular communication and collaboration softwares, such SlackJira,Trello. With this integration, the product designers surely can convey the development of their product to the other teams easily.

Zeplin&rsquo;s License System

After understanding the benefits and features when using Zeplin, it makes sense that people are interested to try it out. But for those who doesn&rsquo;t want to pay full price, interested buyers can use Zeplin, albeit with some more restrictions.

For those who are interested, here are the prices that&rsquo;s listed in Zeplin&rsquo;s official website:

 Free for 1 project (trial)

$17 per month 3 active projects

 $26 per month for 12 active projects

 $129 per month for unlimited active projects, with maximum member of 12 where it can be increased by 1 for an additional $10,75 each month.

Very Recommendable

Working with Sketch and Zeplin is a good way for designers to collaborate with developers. For me, Zeplin have been a huge help and makes work easier, and for small freelancers, the free 1 project plan for Zeplin is a perfect offer. But of course, if more than one projects are required then the users can choose the plans listed above that&rsquo;s suitable for them.