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What is a UX Researcher? Let’s Find Out Together

What is a UX Researcher? User Experience (UX) Researcher have the responsibility of searching for information of the target market or user related to the needs and behavior of the market itself. This information then

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Flat Design

I’m sure we’ve seen the interface design on Microsoft Windows 8. Did you know that the some of those design are inspired by flat design? And what is flat design? In today’s article

Design and How it Affects Business

The influence of design in business. With how fast the development and growth that is the digital world, the need for visual as a digital product rises too hand-in-hand. Design in business affects the product

Dark Mode in Design: The Benefit and Disadvantage

The term dark mode has been booming recently, and one of its main reasons in popularity right now is, of course how necessary they are to us right now.What is Dark Mode?

The Psychology of Color and How it Affects Your Design

One of the most important part in design is how you choose your color. This is due to different colors can convey different meaning. Let’s take red for example what do you think when you see something in red. Most would

Principle Tutorial : Scrolling and Tab Detail

In this article I want to talk about design tools, this tools called the principle, this tool was built to create animated UI. you can download this tool https://principleformac.com/ we will make an ui animation like this

Why Prototyping is Important and Necessary in Your Design Making Process

As we’re designing something, it’s very unlikely that we will design something out of nowhere without a base or reference first. This base or reference is what’s called prototyping.