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An Introduction to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

Introduction to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines — If on the previous article we’re talking about Google’s Material Design, this time we will talk about iOS Guideline or what’s known as HIG (Human Interface Guidelines)

Understanding Material Design, the System Design from Google

Understanding Material Design — Material design is a new system design for android applications that was introduced six years ago through Google I/O 2014. It was soon

Understanding Responsive Design and its Benefits

Understanding Responsive Design and its Benefits - Day by day a lot of people are using mobile devices for browsing, such as smartphone for a lot of tasks in their everyday life.

Zeplin, the Software for Collaboration Between Designer and Developer

Zeplin, a Software for Collaboration — As a front-end developer it’s sometime very difficult to implement the design of an application that was provided by the designer

Review : Figma, Free Design UI Software with Tons of Features

Figma, a Design UI Application with Tons of Features — Before going into today’s discussion, who have had a time where an entire application is redesigned because of miscommunication between teams?

The Most Used Font Family for Website and Applications in 2020

Font Family for Website and Application — As a web designer, surely you realize the importance of typography. With the growth in business and its tactic to market its product

Sketch, The Flagship Software for UI Designers

Sketch, the Must-have Software for UI/UX Designers — This time, we’ll give you insights to those that are interested in multimedia and design, with Sketch being the software for us to discuss and review. Lets start.

Understanding Flutter and its Importance for Developer

Understanding Flutter and its Strengths – Flutter is a tool that lets us create a cross-platform application by native or what’s also known as native cross-platform

These Are Some of the Best Software for UI/UX Design in 2020

Software UI and UX Design 2020 — UI and UX are two of the best systems to use to help