The Importance of Knowing Framer as a Mean to Success

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The Importance of Knowing Framer as a Mean to Success

As the growth in technology becomes more and more prevalent, it will be very beneficial and helpful for us to know what Framer is and how to apply it in your business as it offers many ways to ease your burden when designing.

Understanding Framer and its Advantages

Graphic design is one type of art in which to serve aesthetically pleasing visual by combining several graphic elements. This visual is often used to deliver information or even shapes someone’s perception.

A graphic designer has an important role in trouble solving. They should not only understand the customer’s wants, but can also able to make a communicative work. That’s why it’s important for graphic designer to understand the definition of Framer.

Framer Definition

If back then the Adobe reigned supreme above everyone, then now is the exact opposite as there are a lot of options available. Even some graphic designers are confused to choose which one and it’s mainly because some software are indeed tailored specifically to design digital products such as UI and UX.

That’s why an understanding of the definition of Framer can be used as consideration on which software to choose. To put it simply, Framer can be interpreted as a software to design a work.

Framer is considered to be one of the most powerful design tools because it can use code programming. There are two options that can be used, React or JavaScript.

The Advantages of Framer

In order to operate Framer to its fullest potential, a graphic designer is required to master programming language. It certainly needs a bit more effort than usual, but the results are more than worth it. Understanding the definition of Framer will never go to waste, because here are its advantages:

1. Can be used immediately

Thanks to the code base that’s attached in Framer, the can immediately be deployed and used. This makes the work time a lot shorter and gives you better results overall.

2. Various additional plugins

Same with any other applications, Framer also supports additional plugins. But the difference with Framer is that because it supports programming codes, the user can use the original content that another application.

For example, if a user inserts a map through Mapbox plugin. Then that map will have the exact same features as it originally has on Mapbox and thus making it not be just a decorative piece.

3. Best design interaction

Between other design software, Framer has the best design interaction and prototyping. Not only that, this application can also offer results with competitive advantages because user can collaborate Framer’s features with their preferred code editor.

4. The complete package

This without question is the medal winning features of Framer, a fully stacked application that is easy to use. The user only needs to drag the desired image into an empty Framer page, and prepare to explore your imagination. Here are some of the tools that can be used:

  • Magic Motion
  • Overlays
  • Components
  • Flows
  • Interactions
  • Effect
  • Integrations
  • Prototype with Code

After the many of features it offers, there’s no need for us to be surprised that Framer is preferred over other tools. Beginners don’t need to feel discouraged either as Framer provides an easy to understand and comprehensive manual.

This software can be obtained officially on MacBook or Apple, with Windows version coming soon. The subscription fees are very cheap too with $12/month. And now that you understand the definition of Framer, go ahead and purchase the official product Framer.